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So, I just stumbled along this community and seeing that there hasn't been any posting since the community was started made me cry. (As did the fact that there is a community for Donna Moss and I knew nothing of it. *continues to weep*)

Okay, I'm not really crying. I just like to pretend so for dramatic effect, and to show my love of Donna. Seriously. Just about every TWW episode review I've written on my lj? Has the words "I love Donna." All I write is Donna fic (and I've paired her with everyone. Even Josh! Which is impressive for me, as I kinda shun the J/D train.). I love, love, love Donna. And this community needs more posting. Weekly Donna drabble challenges! Random posts that say "I love Donna!" We can make the pie higher!

I shall go now. My straight jacket awaits.
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